Surreal times

Some days are simply surreal...

Washingtonian 2021

A bit of fun. At the reception for the October issue of Washingtonian Magazine's "Most Powerful Women" you can get your "cover shoot"!

Museum Gals October 12, 2021

NPG'ers (r to l: R. Combs, R. Bradburn, Me, U. Subrahmanian) had the treat of a private tour of the Dior exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum with my dear friend director, Anne Pasternak.

October 6, 2021 Gift of flight

An amazing gift from the Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company channeling Wonder Woman's invisible plane! On my bookshelf at work.

September, 30, 2021 New York

We laughed, we cried. Dinner in honor of Hung Liu at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC.

Howland Album

Such a thrill to see Emily Howland's album beautifully on display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on display. I have spent A LOT of time with Emily! #dissertationtopic

September 18, 2021

Fields of mourning. Each white flag on the National Mall represents someone who has died from covid-19. Installation by Suzanne Firstenberg #InAmericaFlags #heartbreaking

Meeting George Takei

Holding faux butterflies with George Takei front of his picture by Grav Weldon at the NPG August 2021

Hung Liu catalogue

A gift from Hung Liu in June 2021 showing all her friends who wrote for her catalogue.

PORTRAITS podcast mug

New PORTRAITS podcast mug!

The empty shelves of the future by Guy Downes
4 covd books

Four books produced during covid-19 pandemic in 2020

Hung Liu catalogue

Early copy of Hung Liu: Portraits of Promised Lands National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian catalogue!!

Vaxxed with Henry

Who else got vaccinated for covid-19 with a giant elephant in the background?! 🐘🤳🏼

American Academy of Art & Sciences

Nominated to become a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. April '21

A leaping family of college grads!

May 2020...2 Doctors and 4 college grads. 🎓🎓🎓🎓

Virtual graduation

Virtual graduation #DrSajet #Lifegoal

Emily and Carrie

"In Admiration: Emily Howland's Cartes de Visite Album" D.L.S. Dissertation finished April 11, 2021 ⏳✍🏼🌟

Art Table Leadership Award

Received the ArtTable Leadership Award, Feb. 2020. Conferred by Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole

Corona catalogue mailing!

Mailing catalogues while isolating at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Washington Life Women of 2020

In amazing company with Washington Life Women of 2020 feature.

Grace Roselli photo Jan 2020

Portrait courtesy of Grace Roselli, Pandora's BoxX Project

Grace Roselli, Jan 2020

Grace Roselli, Pandora's BoxX Project

NPG Staff Holiday Party!

staff holiday party with Tibor Waldner, December 2019!

Indra & Hillary

Indra Nooyi & Hillary Clinton enjoying themselves NPG gala 2019

2019 National Portrait Gala

2019 National Portrait Gala honorees & Presenters


When Michelle Obama walked into the room wearing that dress we were blown away! Wow!

Jeff Bezos

Artist Robert McCurdy with Me; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; and his son Preston Bezos in front of Jeff's new portrait @ NPG. (Photo courtesy of Paul Morigi/AP for National Portrait Gallery)

Indra Nooyi & Alberto Ibargüen

Indra Nooyi & Alberto Ibargüen, November 17, 2019.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sharing a laugh with With Lin-Manuel Miranda

Kim & Tony

With my husband Tony Meadows!

Gala friends

2019 Gala friends Verdine White, Randi Levine, Me & Prabal Gurung.

Super fun Birmingham Museum of Art lecture flyer

On October 23 I had a preview of Hung Liu's show at Nancy Hoffman's Gallery. Hung is having an exhibition at the NPG in 2021!

Kim and Hung Liu

❤️ amazing artist Hung Liu at Nancy Hoffman's Gallery

New Smithsonian Directors & Secretary!

Anthea Hartig, Chase Robinson, Lonnie Bunch & Me! New Smithsonian colleagues.

Taína Caragol & Dorothy Moss

Taína Caragol & Dorothy Moss at the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition Opening, October 25, 2019,

Press Preview 2019 Outwin  ⭐️

Press Preview 2019 Outwin ⭐️October 25, 2019.

Smithsonian Colleagues

Eduardo Diaz & Kate Haw, Secretary Bunch's Installation, Nov. 1, 2019.

Academic walk with Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

Academic walk with Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

Interviewed Cokie Roberts

Interviewed Cokie Roberts for the PORTRAITS Podcast

Meeting Brad Pitt

Meeting Brad Pitt at the Ad Astra film launch at the Washington Post

Luminaries in LA

With Janine Sherman Barrois, TV writer & producer; Frances Arnold, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry; and Lyndon Barrois, artist, film maker and NPG board member Commissioner. Lyndon is holding a chocolate Nobel Medal that Frances gave him!

Meeting Betye Saar

Meeting Betye Saar June 28, 2019

I became a podcast host!

On July 28, 2019 the first episode of PORTRAITS went live! Here I am recording the trailer with friends.

Nekisha Durrett performs in Jeffrey Gibson's IDENTIFY performance at NPG

Jeffrey Gibson's IDENTIFY performance "To Name Another," May 22, 2019

Eye to I: Self Portraits book!

Publication of some of the set-portraits in the NPG collection, accompanying the tour of Eye to I: Self-Portraits from 1900 to Today (Nov. 2, 2018 - August 18, 2019)

NPG Commission in Miami May 10, 2019

The NPG Commission meeting in the home of Commissioner Eduardo Rabassa with guest artists Tico Torres and & Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte

Artist discussion with Taína Caragol

Sedrick Huckabee & Ruth Leona Buentello are interviewed by NPG curator Taína Caragol in Miami May 11, 2019

Michael Vasquez in his studio

Michael Vasquez in his studio on 11, 2019

DTSBDC "Tracings" May 4, 2019

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company performs "Tracings" May 4, 2019 in the National Portrait Galery Kogod Courtyard

Julie Packard & artist Hope Gangloff

Press preview of the unveiling of Julie Packard's portrait by Hope Gangloff, April 23, 2019.

6 year anniversary party!

April 1, 2019 the NPG staff threw me a 6 year anniversary party!

Christy Turlington & Dana Bash

Portrait Circle evening with Left to right: Joe Ujobai, Bobbie Smith, Christy Turlington, Randi Charno Levine, Dana Bash, & Kristin Rae Cecchi on April 8, 2019. (Picture by Tony Powell)

Votes for Women! Opening night.

Jane Abraham, David Skorton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Doris Matsui, Kim Sajet. March 28, 2019Votes for Women! Opening night.

NPG Frieze LA Friends

Tour of Frieze LA with NPG friends Feb 14, 2019

Kate, Rhys, & Votes for Women book!

Votes for Women! catalogue early copies! Feb 12. 2019

Atlantic article online

Published article in The Atlantic

Titus Kaphar @ NXTHVN

Titus Kaphar @ NXTHVN Haven, CT 2.6.2019

Ken Gonzales-Day @ Artist Party

Partying with Ken Gonzales-Day, NPG Nov. 10. 2018

2 million visitors!

Reached 2 million visitors in 11 months (1. Oct, 2017 to 1. Sept. 2018). Almost a 100% increase since 2013.

Fabulous scholarship

Beyond the Face: New Perspectives on Portraiture, edited by Wendy Wick Reaves on the occasion of the National Portrait Gallery's 50th anniversary presents sixteen essays by leading scholars who explore the subtle means by which artists―& subjects―convey a sense of identity & reveal historical context.

Kumi Yamashita @ Silhouettes opening

Black Out: Silhouettes from Then to Now exhibition opening with Kumi Yamashita in front of her work. May 11, 2018.

Rock'n the Red @NPG

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup (NHL)!! April 11, 2018 -- fans gathered on the Portrait Gallery's steps.

"Unseen" exhibition

Opening night March 22, 2018 of "Unseen: Our Past in a New Light: Ken Gonzales-Day and Titus Kaphar." l to r: Asma Naeem, me, Titus, Ken, and Taina Caragol.

Obama Portrait Unveiling

Unveiling the portraits of President Barak Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Michele Obama by Amy Sherald on February 14, 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery was an amazing day from start to finish!

America's Presidents reinstallation

"The Portrait Gallery is a constant paradox: Its focus on America and portraiture makes its mission inherently conservative, yet for years now it has been one of the Smithsonian’s most consistently provocative museums, with exhibitions that explore gender, sexuality, race and difference." --- Philip Kennicott (9/21/2017)

Digital Touchtables

America’s Presidents reopened at the National Portrait Gallery to the public on September 22, 2017, with new works and signage, an entirely new LED lighting system, and the reintroduction of Gilbert Stuart’s “Lansdowne” portrait of George Washington, which went through 18 months of conservation and analysis, visitors can once again explore and reflect on this unique and powerful collection. A special feature is three interactive touch tables that allows visitors to explore portraits of each pres

New Time-based-media studio

Created in 2016 - a new studio to store and instal TBMA.

Portraits Alive

A NPG Teen re-interprets part of Malcolm X's biography in the galleries. Part of the 20216 Portraits Alive! summer program.

ASL in the galleries

American Sign Language tours

Dolores Huerta

Dolores speaking 2015

National Tour of The Outwin

The Outwin 2016: Contemporary Portraiture Today national portrait competition exhibition toured to four venues around the US for the first time between 2016-2018.

Racial Masquerade Symposium

The symposium “Racial Masquerade in American Art and Culture,” Nov. 4 and 5, – organized by Dr. Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, associate professor of the history of art at University of Pennsylvania and senior fellow at the National Portrait Gallery was amazing. The event brought together scholars and artists to examine instances of people performing as a race other than their own—known as racial masquerade—and how this continues to shape the way people are viewed in American society.

Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz @ IDENTIFY

The IDENTIFY program at the National Portrait Gallery commissions new work by performance artists around issues of American race and gender, and asks the question "How do we show the presence of absence?"

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Maria Magdalena Campos Pons performs an IDENTIFY program May 4, 2016

James Luna @ IDENTIFY

James Luna performs an IDENTIFY program January 11, 2016

Aretha Franklin @ 2015 Gala

Aretha Franklin looks at her portrait, November 15, 2015.

Pilobolus Dance

The first America Now! performance May 22, 2015.


In collaboration with Explore! Children's Museum of Washington, D.C. the National Portrait Gallery opened its first-ever space dedicated to children ages 18 months to 8 years old accompanied by an adult. The exhibition is located on the first floor of the museum and all texts are presented in English and Spanish.

Exterior Lighting Pilot

From September 5 - September 12, the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery piloted new exterior lighting & projections on the museum's F-Street entrance in conjunction with an exhibitions of 6 contemporary U.S. Latino artists—David Antonio Cruz, Carlee Fernandez, María Martínez-Cañas, Rachelle Mozman, Karen Miranda Rivadeneira, and Michael Vasquez.

6 Acre Portrait

A grand landscape portrait by artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada was placed temporarily on the National Mall from October 4 - 31, 2014. “Out of Many, One,” the English translation of E pluribus unum, stretched across 6 acres of land midway between the World War II & Lincoln memorials along the south side of the Reflecting Pool. The work was a composite portrait of young men & made of 8,000 tons of sand, 2,000 tons of topsoil and white chalk via satellite location.

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Co.

In 2014 began a partnership with DTSBDC that in 2016 evolved to become the first time a Smithsonian museum has developed a formal Dance Company in Residence program. The DTSBDC develop new performances based on the National Portrait Gallery's exhibitions.

Museum Mugs

Many, many, museum mugs #museummemories #nocoffee ☕️#caffineofideas 💬

Dutch Utopia

My essay is all about the romanticism of Dutch culture in the middle of the Industrial Revolution.

Dutch Utopia In Dutch